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Dr. Vicki M. Anderson completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Child Psychology in 1976, and master’s degree in Audiology in 1980, at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.  She completed her clinical doctorate in Audiology through Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, in 2005.
Her master’s research examined the benefit of amplification with extended high frequency bandwidth, for people with high frequency hearing loss.  Her doctoral research evaluated clinical practice in the use of assistive listening devices (ALDs) or hearing assistance technologies (HATs) for people with auditory processing disorders. She has been fitting hearing aids and assistive technologies for over thirty years.

Dr. Anderson completed a traineeship with the St. Paul Veteran’s Administration Audiology Department, and a clinical fellowship with Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.  She worked as a staff audiologist with HealthPartners for twenty years, where she helped develop many of their test and rehabilitative protocols. Prior to that, she provided clinical audiology services including hearing aid fittings and infant evaluations at Hennepin County Medical Center.  She helped launch their newborn hearing screening program, one of the first in the state.  She consulted with the Minnesota Department of Health on the development of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program.  Dr. Anderson served on the Hearing Assistance Technology Taskforce with the American Academy of Audiology, and co-chaired the Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Taskforce on Auditory Processing Disorders, which developed “Auditory Processing Disorders Assessment and Intervention:  Best Practices”. 

Dr. Anderson opened her St. Paul office on West Seventh Street in 2007.  In 2017, she made the move to a new, mobile office in New Hope with a new name, “Hears2U! MN”.  She consults with public, private and charter schools, and provides hearing conservation and hearing habilitation services for all ages. 
When not working, Vicki enjoys spending time with family, performing or listening to music, walking her border collie, playing tennis or golf.  

About Us

We believe that hearing and communication are among the most important aspects of our human relationships and experiences.  The ability to hear the sounds of nature, enjoy music, and communicate contributes to our joy and happiness. 

We think that having your hearing tested, or going through the process of earmold impressions for custom ear pieces (earmolds, ear plugs, musician’s in-ears) should be fun!

We are accessing the current popularity of “RV-ing”, to provide you with a fun and relaxed environment to receive your hearing services.  Whether we are on the road, at a venue, a music festival, or at our base location in New Hope, our mobile office has all the casual comfort of a recreationa
l vehicle or mobile home experience.  And none of the stuffiness or clinical feel of a medical office building. 

Our audiologists have clinical doctorates from accredited universities, are certified by their national association and licensed by the State of Minnesota.  We use insert earphones covered by 3M earmuffs. 

Please refer to:

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Ambient sound levels are sufficiently low to allow measurement of normal hearing thresholds as verified by real-time environmental noise monitoring and routine biological calibration.  Our equipment is portable and calibrated yearly.  We use sterile procedures and protocols and follow professional codes of ethics of the American Academy of Audiology and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. 
Come have your hearing tested or get fitted with custom technologies in the comfortable and relaxed environment of our 30 foot Coachman RV.
Hears2U! MN